Welcome to Graz

The name of the city, Graz, formely spelled Gratz stems from the slavic gradec which means “small castle” Graz is situated on both sides of the Mur river in southeast Austria.


In 2003 Graz was named European Capital of culture, placing this Austrian city into spotlight in terms of art design and architecture. the otherworldly avantgarde bizarre structure of the buildings posing as a modern art gallery to curiously designed chapels and baroque palaces

Vienna’s little sister

if you are seeking a quieter and more relaxing holiday, but still you want to enjoy a wide range of cultural activities Graz is the perfect place.

A lively nightlife

Despite its calm exterior, Graz has a relatively thriving nightlife due to the fact of being a university town


Graz is a foodie paradise. Styrina dishes include pumpkin soup, with locally produced pumpkin oil drizzled on top andverhackertes, a spread made from pork

Art, Music and Culture

In 1959, a collection of artists, scientists and cultural workers turned an empty park cafe, now called Forum Stadtpark, into a platform for art exhibitions and events. Graz is a major art hub, the reason why it was granted as the European Capital of Culture