Welcome to Innsbruck

Tyrol’s capital is a sight to behold. The jagged rock spires of the Nordkette range are so close that within minutes it’s possible to travel from the city’s heart to more than 2000m above sea level and alpine pastures where cowbells chime. Summer and winter activities abound, and it’s understandable why some visitors only take a peek at Innsbruck proper before heading for the hills. But to do so is a shame, for Innsbruck is in many ways Austria in microcosm: its late-medieval Altstadt is picture-book stuff, presided over by a grand Habsburg palace and baroque cathedral, while its Olympic ski jump with big mountain views makes a spectacular leap between the urban and the outdoors.

Enchanted architecture

We would like to present you with Innsbruck , the capital of the Tyrolean Bundesland which looks like a painting with the soft pastel neutral colors and the dramatic view of mountains behind the magical scenery of the enchanted charming buildings. The name ‘Innsbruck’ means Bridge over the Inn, Inn in this case referring to the river that flows here, rather than to a hostel or tavern as might be assumed.

The city was constructed near the brigde as it became a natural gathering place for travelers who would spend the night in a hotel room. So important is this bridge that a birds’ eye view of it is featured on the city’s coat of arms. Today the city still relies on travelers for a substantial part of its income, although they no longer need to arrive via the bridge!

The city is well known for offering access to excellent snow slopes for skiiers and snowboarders year round thanks to the proximity of the Stubai Valley which is home to a glacier.

Masterpiece-filled Museums

Innsbruck is one of Austria’s most idyllic destinations. Museum Goldenes Dachl located in the “old town” area of Innsbruck it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Tyrolean Provincial Museum was founded in 1823, this museum contains detailed exhibitions on Tyrolean history, from the Roman Era all the way up to Modern times. This museum is a highlight featuring precious work by renowned Austrian painter, Gustav Klimt. Auudiomuseum is a multi-faceted institution focusing on the subject of hearing,featuring exhibitions on everything from art to medicine.