Welcome to Nesebar

On a small rocky outcrop 37km northeast of Burgas and connected to the mainland by a narrow, artificial isthmus, pretty-as-a-postcard Nesebâr is famous for its surprisingly numerous, albeit mostly ruined, medieval churches. It has become heavily commercialised and transforms into one huge, open-air souvenir market during the high season; outside summer, it’s a ghost town. Designated by Unesco as a World Heritage site, Nesebâr has its charms, but in summer these can be overpowered by the crowds and the relentless parade of tacky shops. With Sunny Beach (Slânchev Bryag) just across the bay, meanwhile, you have every conceivable water sport on hand. The ‘new town’ on the other side of the isthmus has the newest and biggest hotels and the main beach, but the sights are all in the old town.